My Little Gumnut



Welcome to my new patch of cyberspace ! I have decided to add to my blog ‘real estate’ – now that I am nearly 5 months pregnant  I need the room ! I currently write another wordpress blog which is about the crazy Australian outback lifestyle. I decided I better create a separate blog just for my little ‘gumnut’ so that I didn’t inundate readers with pregnancy tales and baby talk … not that it wont be entertaining – I am not exactly your average housewife and at nearly 30 years old have managed to successfully avoid children .. until now !


A bit of background for anyone interested :

I moved to the Northern Territory , Australia after meeting my man , Dave , in Gove a remote mining town in the middle of Arhnem Land NT.

I had lived on the Gold Coast , Qld for 6 years and moving to the Territory was a massive adjustment – but the best thing I ever did. I have had any awesome experiences over the last 18 months which included traveling across the continent in a 4×4 with my dog Chaos for company ( no radio or CD player though !) working in Broome and Kalgoorlie WA as a ‘skimpy barmaid’ , featuring in the NT news a few times to help them out with models because Ill be honest , I’m not shy 😉  , working as a grid girl at the Darwin V8 supercars and meeting my idol , Territorian writer and entertainer Phil Obrian , moving to a 50 acre property next door to a nudist camp … and now having a baby !!

Dave still works out in Arhnem Land , so I spend 2-3 weeks at a time without seeing him .. just call me a work widow ! So I am in charge of the ‘farm’ while he’s away and being the first time I have lived on 50 acres , it’s a brand new challenge !

So feel free to join me on this new journey , I promise it wont be boring



About kelsgonebush

Published Skimpy : Outrageous true tales of Crocs Snakes and pulling beers in the Topend through Hachette AU in July 2015 - available as an ebook or hard copy . You can find it here About Me A few years ago I left the glitz and the glamour of the Gold Coast Qld and moved to the middle of Arnhem Land NT . After 4 months of living in the bush I took part in an awesome road trip from Gove NT to Darwin which involves crossing several croc infested rivers and 750 km of dirt road. Since then I have driven across Australia twice with my dogs , the second time 7 months pregnant ! I have worked as a skimpy barmaid in the mining towns of Kalgoorlie , Broome and Gove and worked for Darwin's Hot 100 Fm as the Black Betty Van Freebie Specialist . These days I am back on the East Coast with the occasional Northern Territory trip thrown in. Life revolves around my daughter , my dogs and my family , planning road trips , writing , catching up with mates and trying out random hobbies for a week or so until the next one takes my interest away . I once saw a quote along the lines of ' my only fear is I will never get to read all the books I want to read in my lifetime' no idea who the hell said it but I totally get what they mean ;)

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